Diana Dors

1961 On The Double
1958 Tread Softly Stranger
1957 The Long Haul
1957 The Unholy Wife
1956 Yield to the Night (aka Blonde Sinner)
1955 Dead by Morning (aka "Miss Tulip Stays the Night")
1955 An Alligator Named Daisy
1955 A Kid for Two Farthings
1955 Doctor at Sea
1953 The Saint's Girl Friday
1953 Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary?
1953 The Great Game
1952 My Wife's Lodger
1952 Man Bait (aka "The Last Page")
1951 Bikini Baby (aka "Lady Godiva Rides Again")
1950 Dance Hall
1949 Vote for Huggett
1949 Diamond City (with Honor Blackman)
1949 It's Not Cricket
1948 Here Come the Huggetts
1947 Holiday Camp
1947 Code of Scotland Yard (aka The Shop at Sly Corner")