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We're offering two ways to save - well, for you to save, and for us to profit - its what we like to think of as a win/win.

Method 1 - buy any 5 of our regular titles, get a 6th one free, and we upgrade you to Priority shipping.
Method 2 - select one of our new double feature line - and get two movies for the price of a single feature.

you can purchase these as with any of our titles BUT we're trying out this whole shopping cart thing as well :-)

Selected double features:

Item 001 Passing of the Third Floor Back 1918/1935
Both the 1918 and 1935 versions are present. This is a classic, near fantasy based on the Victorian play by Jerome K. Jerome.

Item 002 Jew Suss 1934/1940
Both the 1934 and the 1940 versions are present. Dramatically different approaches to the same story, the first, a brilliant and moving story of life in the 18th century Jewish ghetto of Wurtemburg. And a man who tries to better himself with the help of an evil Duke. The second is the Nazi propaganda historical costume melodrama, where the protagonist of the 1934 film is turned into the Villain.
Item 003 The Golem 1920/1936
Both the 1920 German version and the 1936 French import are offered - and as a bonus - we're including a 4 minute fragment from the (almost) lost 1915 version.
Item 004 The Tudors - 1933/1936
Two films about old Henry that show just how good those quota quickies could be. First, from 1933 we offer Charles Laughton in the title role showing us the
 Private Life of Henry VIII
 - then a 1936 look at Lady Jane Grey's short life, from her forced marriage, to her brief reign as monarch of England and finally to her beheading in
Tudor Rose
(aka Nine Days a Queen).
Item 005 Robinson vs Louis 1950/1955
Great film biographies of two of America's greatest sports legends; Jackie Robinson and Joe Louis. In the former, Jackie Robinson plays himself, in the latter Coley Wallace is cast as Joe Louis, because the felt Louis just wasn't the right type!
Item 006 Take your best shot 1933/1935
Quota quickie or Poverty row; here are two films, completely different plots - both called;
A Shot In The Dark.
Item 007 Its the Arizona kid 1930/1939
here again are two films with the same name (Arizona kid), made roughly 10 years apart, but with little in common other than the title and the Western setting.
Item 008 Back to the slammer 1943/1955
Here are two great little Prison Pictures; from 1855 its "The Big House USA" and from 1943 we offer "Behind Prison Walls".
Item 009 The Windy City 1952/1957
Two films of what has been dubbed the noir style (though not by me), set in the Chicgo if the 1950's. Chicago Calling from 1952, and from 1957 its Chicago Confidential.
Item 010 Mysteries of the Orient 1931/1935
In the set we offer Chinatown After Dark (from 1931) and the fast paced Chinatown Squad (from 1935).
Item 011 he Emerald Isle 1958/1959
From 1958, The Loot goes missing in a robbery double-cross in Dublin Nightmare - and then the story of the 1916 Easter Rising, using original footage of the time; Mise Eire (1959)
Item 012 Spotlight on Julien Duvivier 1930/1939
 First up is Au Bonheur Des Dames from 1930, then we offer Duvivier’s La Charrette Fantome from 1939
Item 013 Spotlight on Rene Clair
First a film that became the basis for TV's Early Edition; It Happened Tomorrow, a gem from 1944. Then from the pen of Agatha Christie; And Then There Were None (1945), remade (badly) as Ten Little Indians.
Item 014 Those teenage delinquents!
A gang of teenage delinquents terrorize a small community in The Choppers, from 1961. Next the son of a hot-rod hating judge soups up a jalopy and makes daddy proud - eventually - in "Hot Rod" from 1950.
Item 015 A Bite of the Big Apple
Manhattan Love Song, 1934
Manhattan Tower, 1932
Item 016 All Roads lead to The biggest little city
Road to Reno, 1931
Night Life In Reno, 1931
Item 017 Son of Those teenage delinquents!
Teen Age Crime Wave (AKA Jail Bait), 1955
Teen aged Devil Dolls (AKA One Way Ticket to Hell), 1955
Item 018 A Swinging Sensation
Swing Parade of 1946 (made in 1945)
Sensations of 1945 (made in 1944)
Item 019 Thanking all the Little People
Terror Of Tiny Town, 1938  
It’s a Small World, 1950
Item 020 This TV thing will never catch on
Trapped by Television, 1936
Murder by Television, 1935
Item 021 Lucky 13 1932/1943
First up, the original "The Thirteenth Guest" from 1932, then 11 years later, the remake; "Mystery of the 13th Guest"

Item 022 Rathbone and Bruce Volume 1
Sherlock Holmes Dressed To Kill, 1946
Sherlock Holmes Secret Weapon, 1943

Item 023 Rathbone and Bruce Volume 2
Sherlock Holmes Terror By Night, 1946
Sherlock Holmes Woman In Green, 1945

Item 024 The UK goes back to the Future
Once you've seen Things to Come (and you can buy a nice copy from J&J) - have a look at this double bill; "Bombs over London"
and "Non Stop New York" both from 1937

Item 025 Son of Lucky 13 1932/1933
Night of June 13th, 1932
Friday The Thirteenth, 1933
Item 026 Popular sites of the 1940s
Ghosts of Berkeley Square, 1947
Waterloo Road, 1945

Item 027 Tales of the bad guys
Underworld Story, 1950
Gangster Story, 1960

Item 028 I didn't even know she left
Girl Who Came Back, 1935
Woman who Came Back, 1945
Item 029 The Hell you say!
Dante's Inferno, 1911
Dante's Inferno, 1924

Item 030 Newton's Law
Fig Leaves (Howard Hawks), 1926
A Fig Leaf for Eve, 1944

Item 032 Holy Detective!
Father Brown, Detective - 1934
Father Brown - 1954

Item 033 Sheer Hell of 1932
A Passport to Hell (1932)
Hell's House (1932)

Item 034 Embrace The Dark in 1948
House of Darkness (1948)
Daughter of Darkness (1948)
Item 035 Chic and Ole
Country Gentlemen (1936)
See My Lawyer (1945)
Item 036 A Trip to the Islands
Isle of Destiny (1940)
Outcast of the Islands (1951)
Item 037 Welcome to the Atomic Age (volume 1)
Atomic Brain – 1963
Atomic Man - 1955
Item 038 Welcome to the Atomic Age (volume 2)
Atom Age Vampire – 1960
Atomic Submarine - 1959
Item 039 Yellow and Blue
Girl with Green Eyes (1964)
Green Eyes (1934)
Item 040 This Old House
House of the Damned – 1963
House of Secrets - 1936
Item 041 With this Ring in 1931
Lonely Wives – 1931
Kept Husbands - 1931
Item 042 City by the Bay
San Francisco Story – 1952
Fisherman's Warf - 1939
Item 043 Bella in the UK
Dark Eyes of London – 1939
My Son The Vampire - 1952
Item 044 Men of the Alphabet
C Man – 1949
T Men - 1947
Item 45 Yesterday is today's...
Tomorrow Is Forever – 1946
Tomorrow we Live - 1942
 Item 046 Charles Laughton rides again
 1939/1945 Okay, that whole "rides again" image really doesn't play well with Laughton, but here are two classic outings (outings?) staring the great man; Jamaica Inn from 1939 and Captain Kidd from 1945.

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